For Business Developers & Operations manager!

incu > crm is an industry-specific tool for you who work at an incubator, innovation office/node or other actor with a portfolio of Startups.

Developed with experience from many years of work with innovation development in an incubator environment, with particular emphasis on your need for follow-up and reporting linked to your unique process. A user-friendly and robust support in the daily work with various Startups, while at the same time it creates valuable data to use for reporting and business management.

Helps you quickly with the right background!

  • Show me the notes from the last meeting with this Startup. Show all the documents we had at the meeting.
  • Which Startups has it been a long time since we updated status or information?
  • What Readiness Level and degree of maturity do the companies we work with have? In comparison with each other?
  • What does this company have left to execute on before they can be moved to the next phase?
  • Which of our Startups are 75% complete with Pre-incubation and soon ready for Incubation?
  • What activities has this Startup participated in?
  • Which Global Goals do the companies in our portfolio address?
  • etc..

Your unique incubator process

Model your incubator process in incu > crm and it is connected to your Startups automatically.

Your process is visualized after you have modeled it in the tool. At each step in the process, you specify a number of checkpoints that a Startup must complete in the current step of the process. Then it´s just a matter of getting to work!

In this example, we see how the status of a Startup changes as we receive information that they have now verified their business idea against 10 customers. This Startup is thus moved from 54% progress in the step "Validation" in our process - to land at 64%.

incu > crm offers full control - anytime

Model your own process in incu > crm, create a number of checkpoints in each process step. Then connect a Startup to your process, and indicate which checkpoints in the current process step have been completed.

Because incu > crm is easy to use and helps your employees so it is also used. By using the tool, data is created about the business. And with the data, activity reports are offered in real time that give a fantastic overview of how your Startups and your business in general are doing.

Perfect for the individual business developer, as well as a basis for a report to the business´s board or financier.

Full control simply - at any time - from computer or mobile!

incu > crm Best choice

The following is included

  • Web-based tool for easy access via computer or mobile
  • Business Listings & Company card
  • Personal data
  • GDPR features
  • ToDo for reminders
  • Dashboard with your KPIs
  • One-click standard business reports for analysis of your business
  • HTTPS & SSL encrypted secure connection
  • Daily backup
  • Measure and visualize your Startups progress and degree of maturity in visualized graphs and reports
  • Draw your own process with self-defined process steps
  • Measure, follow up and report IRL / Readiness Level
  • Create checkpoints in each process step to see Startups exact status
  • Modules with key data on contracts obtained, patents, capital, brand etc.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Time reporting per company / month
  • Document storage in own folder structure
  • Activity module with meeting notes and meeting documents
  • Create your own data fields that are stored on a Startup or Person (e.g. Surname, Diary number, Education level, etc.)
  • Global Goals module linked to each Startup. Which goals are addressed by which Startup? And how? Which goals are addressed by which Startups in your incubator?
  • One-click reports adapted for your business, financiers for a deeper opportunity to analyze your business and progress in your portfolio of Startups
  • A supervised training for your employees at start-up

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Security and GDPR

A CRM tool that handles sensitive information must be secure. And we have made that a high priority! To make this possible, we have, among other things, the following security mechanisms in place.

  • Only HTTPS connection allowed
  • Two-factor authentication at login (2FA)
  • SSL encrypted (SHA256) traffic between your browser and Incu
  • Passwords for user accounts are stored encrypted in Incu´s database
  • GDPR / anonymization of personal data
  • Storage within the EU with a European operating supplier
  • Regular Backup of data

About incu > crm

incu > crm is based in Sweden on an idea that has grown over many years in the role of business developer / business coach at a larger incubator.

Personal incu
"A tool indispensable for any organization working with a portfolio of Startups"

incu > crm was founded by Andreas Lind, who worked for over 10 years as a business developer/coach at an incubator. During these years, he tried several different digital tools in his work, in order to best create value for both Startups and his employer (with financiers and owners). Other CRM tools included.

The problem was that there was not one tool that could meet all needs. And working in several different tools in combination means that information about Startups is spread to several places. The information then needs to be compiled somewhere. Other CRM tools are primarily good at managing companies, their customers and their business - they are not very good at managing a Startup´s flow through an incubator process.

The idea was refined, it should be possible to combine several digital tools into one, and build a tool that is indispensable for every business that works with a portfolio of Startups. While delivering data and value to business management for super efficient business management.

With the help of modern technology, and great possibilities for customization for your particular business, the result was finally:

incu > crm - a tool for measurable innovation development!

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